Lift Maintenance

At White Lift Services we love maintaining lifts. Since 1991 lift maintenance has been at the forefront of everything we do. From big lifts to little lifts and everything in between, we have the experience and know-how to make sure any make and model of lift is maintained and serviced to the highest possible standards.


Regular preventative maintenance will help improve the general running of a lift and will help prolong the life expectancy of the lift and its major components. Our service / maintenance visits will vary on the type of lift, but will often include the following:
Oil & lubrication of moving parts 
Clean down of shaft 
Testing of equipment (where necessary) 
Carrying out minor adjustments 
Replacement of minor parts (lights etc) 
Reporting on the condition of the lift 
Highlight any further recommended works


We carry out thousands of lift maintenance visits every year. From 1940’s factory lifts to modern MRL gearless lifts operating in some of the tallest buildings in the UK.  With our lift maintenance schedules starting at only £100.00 per annum, we are the first choice maintenance provider for hundreds of satisfied customers.


If you are looking for a new lift maintenance provider, we are always happy discuss budget costs over the phone.